Welcome to the OT - PT ESC 13 Wiki!

Purpose and Background

  • I've designed this wiki to be an easily accessible (and update-able) resource tool that ESC 13 school-based OT/PT programs might find helpful.
  • The 4 primary resources I use when trying to answer questions related to local practice issues for which I cannot find a resource are: TEA , the Texas Legal Framework, and The Executive Council of Physical and Occupational Therapy Examiners and TXSpot: Leaders in School Therapy
  • Other states have developed and published online statewide Guidelines or manuals for Related Services, but TX, in large part because of our system of INDEPENDENT school districts, will likely not do so.
  • AOTA has a compiled list of states who have guidance manuals... for Texas, listed is: Occupational and Physical Therapy Services, School Based Programs: An Organizational Manual, 1982-83. Publisher: Harris County Department of Education (HCDE)

  • Many regional OT/PT Programs have a copy of this older manual and many have purchased a newer revised manual. If you would like more info on this, contact:
  • In attempting to create a helpful and comprehensive resource document, I gathered a team of OT/PT supervisors who were instrumental in locating new information and ideas from other states to supplement information that at one time likely originated with Jean Polichinoin HCDE. A list of references can be found under the tab of the same name. Many thanks to:
    • Lesa Cearley, OT, Round Rock ISD
    • Gail Denton, OT, Lake Travis ISD
    • Suzie Marksbury, PT, Leander ISD
    • Kellie Martini, OT, Dripping Springs ISD
    • Dalene Pearson, OT, San Marcos CISD
    • Deborah Reeder, PT, Pflugerville ISD
    • Sherri Rhein, OT, AISD
  • This wiki is posted as a resource only, it has not been endorsed or approved by TEA and any documents or procedures are listed as examples and would need to be approved by your special ed director as required for any other policy or procedure.
  • If you have suggestion on how to improve this wiki or your program has developed documents you would like to share and post, please let me know!
  • Another resource from ESC 4 that you might find helpful is:

Nichole Kertis