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  • 1.26 Are related service goals academic or functional?
These goals are functional in nature as these skills are not based on enrolled grade-level content standards. The skills addressed by related services are skills a student needs in order to access the content-area TEKS, but are not directly teaching the content required by the TEKS.

Note: HISD's example of aligning OT/PT services to collaborative IEP goals/objectives:
"all of our IEP OT and PT services are attached to an instructional objective that is implemented
by the instructional services and supported by the OT or PT service typically by addressing a condition to the objective"...
Ex: When following a positioning program, student will ....

Six types of IEP goals include ones that
Type 1
are not academic but promote participation in general education contexts
Type 2
are academic but with functional applications
Type 3
are academic with specialized skills or therapies, may align to enrolled grade level
Type 4
align to one specific TEK for the student’s enrolled grade level
Type 5
align broadly to multiple TEKS for the student’s enrolled grade level
Type 6
Post secondary goals based upon age appropriate transition assessments (could be any of the 5 types above)
Measurable IEPs need the following:
By when: By the end of the school year
Who: Jo
Will do: will walk using his assistive device (walker, forearm crutches)
What: from the classroom to the bus/library/gym/cafeteria/100 feet…
How well: without falling/stopping/running into wall
Under what conditions: After movement warm ups in circle time,etc

IEP goals should come from the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP), which comes from assessment.
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IEP Goal Examples

See Also- TxSpot's ARDs and the IEP FAQ for information/clarification about collaborative IEP goals
Here is a resource for developing collaborative IEP goals for students whose access TEKS at a prerequisite skill level:
(but IEPs would still need to be individualized and based on baseline data/PLAAFPs)

create data form immediately after IEP goal so you know it can be measured easily

  • "Aligning IEPs to State Standards"- book published by Attainment